The wheel keeps on turning

Afternoon everyone!

Okay, assignment one down, assignment 2 needs to get started. I’m finding this semester its just assignment after assignment and since having a baby, I’m finding the days just go so much quicker and I’m barely getting enough studying in each day. Right now I have the little guy in a ExerSaucer (which I just found out may be bad for the child…oops). I’ll just get this post done then I’ll quickly get him out!

My thoughts so far is wait! What? Assignment 2 already? Didn’t we just hand in assignment !? Going through other blogs such as Ashley’s and J.R.Brown’s I wasn’t the only one with the same thoughts!

So, today is the day where I am going to set myself a goal of starting assignment 2: stage one. Which also means I will have to go back through the learning paths to read about stage one as I have forgotten some of the tips David has suggested.

Throughout assignment 2 I think I will have to be a wonder woman of multitasking because I have other assignments to complete and I need to get a handle of all of them before my workload tumbles over and goes splat and I become emotional and have a big cry!

Happy Tuesday everyone! Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month!



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